Michael Washington is a coach, mentor, entrepreneur, educator, and motivational speaker. He is a native of Richmond, Va. Coach Michael earned a bachelor’s and master’s degrees in Electrical Engineering from North Carolina A & T State University and an MBA from Duke University’s Fuqua School of Business. He is the founder and managing partner of Washington Consulting Group, LLC where he helps business owners and business professionals in improving all aspects of their business or career through education, guidance, tools, support, and encouragement. As a Certified Business Coach, Coach Michael is all about teaching business owners how to create a successful business that supports their personal life. He’s been a coach in this area for 14 years and is passionate about helping business owners & business professionals achieve and exceed their goals without leaving a non-fulfilling personal life in their wake.

Accountability is true in life as well as in business, which is where he comes in. As a business coach, his focus is to help business owners no matter what size the business as well as business professionals to get better at the game of business. This is done by ensuring that they are focused on the “right things” to grow their business or careers


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